Committee: M E J Wheeler (Chairman), B L Hibble (Treasurer), R P Alston (Clerk), C A Grimwood, M Offord, Mrs S M Prior, A Shelley, C J R Wheeler, M Batty.

The above were elected at the Quinquennial Meeting on 1st July 2014 or at later Annual Meetings and the Chairman wishes to repeat his thanks and admiration for the work carried on by all the Committee without exception but in particular the Clerk and the Treasurer. At a time when the world is full of very busy people and service to the community is undervalued, he is grateful for their continuing patience and support.

The Committee (which has power to ‘co-opt’ under the Constitution) is always keen to recruit more help; both to provide continuity and to understudy any of the current roles. Any Freeman or Widow who wants to be involved in anyway however small please contact the Chairman or any other Committee member.


Sadly, there were no admissions since the date of our last report. There are a number of eligible potential Freemen all over the world but they have to come to Sudbury to be admitted.

The administration of Admission to The Freedom was transferred to Sudbury Town Council in 2014.
The Local Government Act 1972 made Babergh District Council responsible for maintaining the Register of Sudbury Freemen, both councils later decided to devolve this task fully to Sudbury Town Council.
The Town Council, after taking legal advice, rationalised the criteria for Admission to The Freedom by Descent to that of children and grand-children of Freemen.
Most other Town Guilds now have similar Admission criteria.

Applications for Admission by Descent should be made to The Town Clerk, Sudbury Town Council.

The Town Council have power to admit Honorary Freemen, which is exercised on rare occasions.

Service as an Apprentice to a Freeman in the Town of Sudbury remains a route for Admission to the Freedom of Sudbury.