November 2020 new articles

Enraptured by raptors: beauty and menace in the skies above Sudbury - read Ross Bentley's fascinating article about sightings of buzzards, red kites and kestrels. Look out for Adrian Walters' news from the Sudbury riverside and learn more about rare...

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SFS AGM Postponed

The Sudbury Freemen's Society Annual General Meeting, which was due to be held in Sudbury Town Hall on July 7th 2020, has been postponed as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. A message to all SFS members from our...

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The ivy bee

A plant that is seriously misunderstood by many and an unusual bee. What a fascinating combination! Don't miss the September newsletter from the Sudbury riverside, written by Adrian Walters, (Clerk to the Trustees of the Sudbury Common Lands Charity and...

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