Martin Cole

Extract from Tithe map of Great Henny showing the River Stour.
Shernford Mill on the River Stour, Great Henny, Essex, 1840 Tithe Map

Martin Cole of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk Draper in and by his last Will and Testament bearing date on or about the 28th Day of September which was in the year of our Lord 1620 did give and bequeath unto John Willet Charles Abbott and Others and to their heirs for ever an Annuity or Yearly Rent of 14 pounds of Lawful English Money to be paid out of the Mills called Shernford Mills lying in Heney in the County of Essex and also out of two Meadows called by the name of Holmes and also out of all other his Lands and Tenements Whatsoever lying in the aforesaid to be imployed to the use and purpose following. Viz ten pounds part there of to Buy ten score yards of canvas Ell wide worth twelve pence per yard and twenty shillings other part thereof to make of the said canvas, fifty shirts and fifty smocks, to be given to fifty poor Men and fifty poor Women in Sudbury aforesaid upon the feast of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ in every year 6 shillings and eight pence more thereof to the Minister of the Church of Chapel of St. Peter and six shillings and eight pence more thereof to the Minister of the Parish of All Saints and eight pence more thereof to the Town Clerk for Registering in thereof in the Corporation Books the names of all the Receivers of the said Charity and forty shillings the Remainder thereof to be spent on the day of the Meeting of the said two Ministers and Mayor and Aldermen and Burgesses of Sudbury in Remembrance of the said Martin Cole the Doner of the said Charity.