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Sudbury Freemen’s Society 2020

Throughout the various lockdowns and tier restrictions of 2020 our wonderful Sudbury Common Lands have remained accessible: a vital recreational resource that has never closed. The Society would like to thank our new Ranger, Nick Shimwell, and his Assistant Ranger,...

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New for December 2020

No robin ... but a glorious wildlife display on a winter's day. Lift your spirits by reading Ross Bentley's column about a walk on the Sudbury Common Lands and along the Valley Trail. Enjoy Ron Smith's stunning photographs of some...

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November 2020 new articles

Enraptured by raptors: beauty and menace in the skies above Sudbury - read Ross Bentley's fascinating article about sightings of buzzards, red kites and kestrels. Look out for Adrian Walters' news from the Sudbury riverside and learn more about rare...

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