Samuel Scott

St. Gregory’s Church, Sudbury

When Mr. Samuel Scott, Freeman of Sudbury, died in November 1890 at the age of 81, he was the fourth generation of ‘Samuel Scotts’ who had been sextons and grave diggers at St. Gregory’s Church, Sudbury.  

Samuel Scott’s Cottage, Gregory Street, Sudbury. (Image from the Sudbury Photo Archive.)

He lived in a house on the south-west side of the churchyard at 24 Gregory Street. For some time he had been very frail but, whenever possible, he would make his way from his house to the church. 

St. Gregory’s Church, handbell ringers. Arthur Scott, top left. (Image from the Sudbury Photo Archive.)

He relied on his son, Arthur, to carry out his duties. 

Samuel saw many changes in the church and parish as he was sexton for over 40 years and served under Rev. H. W. Wilkinson, Rev. J. Henley, Rev. J. Molyneux and Rev. T.L. Green. He was appointed by the vestry soon after the death of his father in 1849. His father is buried on the left hand side of the churchyard path from the Croft to the Church.

By 1890, St. Gregory’s burial ground had been closed to new interments for many years so he was buried next to his wife, Sarah, in Sudbury Cemetery.