The Sudbury Freemen’s Trust has been quietly working on many diverse projects with Sudbury organisations/charities to improve the quality of life in Sudbury since 1986. Here are a few examples.

  • Supporting the publication of individual research into the history of Sudbury
  • Funding various projects at the Christopher Centre
  • Creating the blue plaque trail around the historic core of Sudbury which was instigated by the late Anthony R. Wheeler
  • Helping to fund the creation of the Sudbury Silk Totem Pole from the remains of a cypress tree in Newton Road as a tribute to the Town’s silk industry
  • Supplying welfare assistance for Freemen and their widows/widowers
  • Promoting children’s well-being through educational support such as contributing towards the new Prayer and Reflective Area at St. Gregory CEVC Primary School, donating money for the Hydrotherapy Pool at Hillside Special School and for the Performing Arts Centre Building at Ormiston Sudbury Academy
  • Granting funds to local churches such as providing flood lighting at St. Gregory’s Church and contributing towards a new heating system at All Saints Church and helping with repairs to the bell frame
  • Commissioning a statue on the Croft of Aelfhun, Bishop of Dunwich who died at Sudbury in 798
  • Assisting with the purchase of fire safety equipment for many local organisations such as A.F.C. Football Club, Sudbury Rowing Club, the Salvation Army and the Quay Theatre
  • Encouraging an interest in art by helping to fund exhibitions at Gainsborough’s House and St. Peter’s Church
  • Purchasing equipment for Sudbury hospitals, (before they were closed), local surgeries and St. John Ambulance
  • Contributing towards the purchase of works of art at Gainsborough’s House and the Heritage Centre
  • Donating money towards projects at local care homes
  • Sponsoring the work of ‘Sudbury in Bloom’
  • Giving a grant to help restore a well-known landmark on the Market Hill – the Victorian drinking fountain and cattle trough which had been badly damaged and part of the structure had been lost

View the projects map, or browse through our projects below to see more.

We would like to thank David Everitt for not only inspiring us with his photographic work on the Blue Plaques, which was exhibited at the Sudbury Society ‘Visions of Sudbury’ 2007 exhibition, but also for making it possible for us to use some of his images on the Projects Page.