Sudbury Freemen names beginning with L

Corporal Lillie Close, Sudbury, named after Bill Lillie

In ‘What’s in a name? Origins of Sudbury Street names’ by Anthony R. Wheeler and Valerie Herbert, it is noted that Bill Lillie is the only one of Sudbury’s 300 World War dead to be honoured by a street name. “In 1940 the RAF rear gunner won the Distinguished Flying medal for beating off six Luftwaffe fighter bombers attacking his Sunderland flying boat as it guarded a convoy. But months later the former carpenter from Girling Street and his entire crew were lost when his aircraft was shot down over the North Sea. He was 21.”

Another member of the Lillie family, William Lillie, (1803 – 1868), was also fondly remembered by Sudburians. His story is told on the ‘Members Past and Present’ page.

Admissions to the Freedom of the Borough of Sudbury in the early 19th century

The Lake family

Lake, John, plasterer, admitted May 27th, 1813, by purchase, 15 guineas

The Laurence Family

Laurence, George William, currier, admitted March 19th, 1824, by purchase, 30 guineas

The Lawrence family

Lawrence, George, butcher, admitted July 24th, 1826, by purchase, 30 guineas  

Lawrence, Henry, chemist and druggist, admitted May 15th, 1828, by purchase, 30 guineas

The Leaning family

Leaning, John, stone mason, admitted October 13th, 1823, by purchase, 30 guineas

The Leeks family

Leeks, Charles, draper and tailor, admitted May 17th, 1807, borough and commons, by purchase

The Lewis family

Lewis, George, surgeon, admitted June 3rd, 1814, borough and commons, by purchase, 30 guineas  

 Lewis, Henry, of Nayland, Officer of Excise, admitted July 2nd, 1802, borough only, by birth

The Lillie family

Lillie, William, jun., son of William, admitted October 3rd, 1812, borough and commons, by birth 

Lillie, William, schoolmaster, son of John, labourer, admitted June 10th, 1826, borough and commons, by birth

Lillie, William, printer and stationer, apprentice to George Williams Fulcher, admitted February 17th,1843, by servitude

The Lilly family

Lilly, John, labourer, admitted May 14th, 1801, borough and commons, by purchase

The Ling family

Ling, William, crape manufacturer, son of John James, crape manufacturer, admitted March 4th, 1820, borough only, by servitude

Ling, John, traveller, apprentice to Branwhite Oliver, grocer, admitted April 7th, 1828, by servitude 

Ling, William, fruiterer, admitted March 19th, 1824, borough and commons, by purchase, 30 guineas

The Loveday family

Loveday, Jeremiah, of London, servant, son of William, gardener, admitted June 17th, 1818, borough only, by birth