Home of Robert Ransom, Friars Street, Sudbury

Robert Ransom, attorney at law, was admitted to the Freedom of Sudbury on October 14th, 1829, the same day as his friend and fellow solicitor, George William Andrews. He founded the firm of ‘Ransoms & Sons’ in 1821 in a Tudor building in Friars Street. It existed for over 125 years, until the death of his grandson, Edward Ransom, in December 1946.

Robert Ransom was Mayor of Sudbury in 1836 and again in 1839. In January 1836 he called a public meeting , as a result of which the Sudbury Gas & Coke Company was formed to introduce gas lighting into the town.

Admissions to the Freedom of the Borough of Sudbury in the 19th century

The Randall family

Randall, William

The Ransom family

Ransom, Edward

Ransom, Robert

Ransom, Robert

Ransom, William

Ransom, William Bayly

The Ray family

Ray, Charles

The Rayner family

Rayner, James

Rayner, Samuel

The Ready family

Ready, Benjamin

Ready, Charles

Ready, Dan

Ready, Ebenezer

Ready, Edward

Ready, Edward Ephraim

Ready, Edward Ernest

Ready, Ephraim

Ready, George

Ready, Harry James

Ready, Henry

Ready, John

The Reeve family

Reeve, Samuel

Reeve, Thomas

The Roberts family

Roberts, Samuel

Roberts, William

Roberts, William

The Rolfe family

Rolfe, Benjamin

Rolfe, James

Rolfe, John

Rolfe, Stephen

Rolfe, William Rowland

Rolfe, William, jun.

The Root family

Root, John

The Rose family

Rose, Caleb

The Rouse family

Rouse, Benjamin Channing

Rouse, John

Rouse, John

The Ruffell family

Ruffell, Charles Henry

The Ruffle family

Ruffle, Daniel Giles

Ruffle, John William

Ruffle, William, (William Giles Ruffell), singleman, son of John, fisherman, admitted June 17th, 1818, borough only, by birth

The Runting family

Runting, Simon

Runting, William

The Russell family

Russell, George Valentine

Russell, Thomas

Russell, William