Sudbury Freemen’s Society 2020

Sudbury Freemen’s Society 2020

Throughout the various lockdowns and tier restrictions of 2020 our wonderful Sudbury Common Lands have remained accessible: a vital recreational resource that has never closed. The Society would like to thank our new Ranger, Nick Shimwell, and his Assistant Ranger, and the volunteers for all the work they have done to keep the pastures in pristine condition. We would also like to thank Honorary Freeman and Clerk to the Sudbury Common Lands Charity, Adrian Walters, together with Ross Bentley, Trustee, for their absorbing and entertaining newsletters.

A ray of hope! The Admission of two new Sudbury Freemen.

On September 2nd, at Sudbury Town Hall, two new Sudbury Freemen from the Berry and Wheeler families were admitted in due form according to ancient tradition. The Oath of Admission was administered by the Town Clerk, Mr. Ciaran Griffin, at a special assembly convened by the Mayor of Sudbury, Councillor Jack Owen. The Chairman of the Sudbury Freemen’s Society, Mr. Andrew Grimwood, and several members of the Committee also attended.

The Society wishes to express sincere thanks to Mrs. Jodie Budd, Deputy Town Clerk, and the Town Council Staff, for organising a special Covid secure Admission Ceremony. As of necessity, the Ceremony was not followed by the usual celebrations. We would also like to thank David Higgleton who photographed the event on behalf of the Sudbury Museum Trust.

Image by David Higgleton