Sudbury Freemen’s Society

Sudbury Freemen’s Society

‘Guided Walk over The Meadows’ from 2.00pm on Tuesday 2nd  July 2024

Followed by:

‘Tea at The Christopher Centre 10 Gainsborough Street Sudbury CO10 2EU

&  Notice of Quinquennial Meeting of Sudbury Freemen’s Society and Payment of Common Money:

Dear Freemen and Widows,

Mr Alec Faiers and Mr Dick Neill, Rangers to The Common Lands, extend an invitation to all Freemen and Widows and guests to join us on a guided walk around part of the Common Lands before the Annual Meeting.  This year we will be leaving from The Croft Bridge. The new Rangers will show us their good work, how they are building on the achievements of their predecessors and how they have dealt with the wettest winter/spring in many decades.

(Note that Mr Adrian Walters, Freeman of Sudbury Clerk of The Common Lands retires, finally, on 30th June 2024)

Please be prompt and meet just before 2.00pm:

Nearest Car Park, is ‘North Street’, Sudbury CO10 1JG

Depending on weather conditions it would be wise to bring a drink and a good sunhat if the weather is warm.  The route this year is such that you may leave the walk at several points on the way if you are feeling tired.  After the walk at about 4.00pm or just after, we intend to take Afternoon Tea at The Christopher Centre 10 Gainsborough Street CO10 2EU ( Please offer ‘lifts’ to elderly Freemen and don’t hesitate to call me on the number detailed below or email me, if you need any help or have any queries.  There are a few spaces for ‘disabled parking’ at The Christopher itself.

I’ve made an estimate on the number of attendees based on previous years; but it would help if you confirm that you are attending AND in any case let us know if you have any special dietary needs; our caterer Teresa, assures us she can provide anything we reasonably need.  We already have decaffeinated tea and coffee and some gluten free options.  Do join us for the walk and for tea if you can – meet the new Rangers and appreciate their work. 

Notice is formally given of the Quinquennial Meeting of the Society on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 at The Town Hall Sudbury to which you are invited.  This is the same date as was advertised in the Annual Report last year.

Payment of Common Money for 2023 will commence at 6.30pm prior to the meeting.  Freemen will receive £5.00; Widows £2.50.

If you are unable to attend or send a family member to collect your Common Money please send a stamped addressed envelope together with a note detailing ALL Christian Names and Surnames as soon as possible to SFS Treasurer: Mr B L Hibble, 78 Waldingfield Road, Sudbury, CO10 2PX.

If you do not wish to claim your Common Money please notify the Treasurer accordingly.  Freemen and Widows who do not claim their Common Money by 30th September (each year) will be deemed to have received the money and then made an identical donation to the Society’s General Fund.  The Committee thanks the many Freemen and Widows who so donated their money in 2023.

The Committee of the Society has met twice since the Annual Meeting last year and is next due to meet on Monday 16th September 2024 at 3pm. 

Yours sincerely,

Michael   & Simonie

Michael E J Wheeler and Mrs Simonie Prior

Joint Chairmen, on behalf of the Committee

Tel: 07715 161 273



  1. Minutes of the Quinquennial Meeting of Tuesday 2nd July 2019
  2. Matters arising from the Minutes
  3. Apologies.
  4. The Mayor of Sudbury will be invited to Chair the meeting for the Election of a Chairman of Sudbury Freemen’s Society to hold office for the next Quinquennium. 

Note: The elected Chairman is also a Trustee of the Sudbury Freemen’s Trust.

  • Election of a FOUR Nominative Trustees to serve as Trustees of The Sudbury Common Lands Charity.
  • Election of at least FOUR Trustees to serve as Trustees of The Sudbury Freemen’s Trust.
  • Election of The Committee of The Sudbury Freemen’s Society
  • Chairman’s Business:           
  • Reports (brief) on the work of the Committee since the last Quinquennial Meeting.
  • Any Other Business:
  • The next Annual Meeting of Freemen is Tuesday 8th July 2025
  • Date of next Quinquennial Meeting is Tuesday 3rd July 2029


  1. Any Freeman, Widow or Widower is entitled to vote (items 4 to 7) and can offer themselves for election.
  2. The current Joint-Chairmen, who took shared office at the AGM  following the very untimely death of Mr Andrew Grimwood are prepared to continue in this position until a suitable successor comes forward. This will be proposed by Mr Alan Shelley and Seconded by Mr Roy Alston.
  3. ‘Any Other Business’ – as time permits will include update from Freemen of England & Wales, an appeal for younger Macebearers, any ideas for promoting The Freedom of Sudbury in the future.
  4. No formal ‘report’ is produced this year. Much of what used to be in the Annual Report is already available on and updated our website the link is:

The Minutes of The Quinquennial Meeting will be published on the website and available on request after the next Committee Meeting in September