Samuel Brown, (1803 – 1880), was a well-known and influential Freeman of Sudbury who served on the Paving and Lighting Commission and was a Conservative member of the Town Council. He was also a parish churchwarden of St. Peter’s, Sudbury, for many years with a great love of and practical knowledge of Gothic architecture. He was never backward in contributing to the restoration of local churches and, for example, funded the replacement of battlements and stone work on the tower at St. Gregory’s, Sudbury. His great love was campanology and he was an enthusiastic bell ringer during the early part of his life. He contributed generously to the restoration of church bells and had a great respect for everything relating to the history of Sudbury.
When he died in 1880, he left a considerable sum of money to his four unmarried children: Sarah Frances, Susanna, Ellen and Alice Mary. The sisters were all determined to live by their Father’s example and much of their inheritance was spent on the parish churches and on charitable works within the town.  When All Saints Church was restored, they provided a magnificent east window behind the altar in memory of their parents. They also placed a beautiful stained-glass window in St. Gregory’s Church in memory of their father. Ellen and Alice Mary arranged for another stained-glass window in the same church in memory of their aunt, Susan Brown, who died in 1899 and presented St. Peter’s with a fine reredos (carved oak canopy) and beautified the Chancel in memory of their sisters Sarah Frances and Susanna. For many years they paid the insurance premiums for St. Gregory’s and St. Peter’s. It was said of the sisters that there had scarcely been a subscription list to which their names had not been added and they were particularly remembered for their kindness to the less fortunate residents of the Town.

To The Glory Of God And In Loving Memory Of Sarah Frances And Susanna Brown, The Reredos Is Erected And The Chancel Beautified By Their Sisters Ellen And Alice Mary, 1898.